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Throughout their time in Food Technology students will focus on developing their cooking skills and applying the basic principles of nutrition and healthy eating. Students will cook a range of dishes however in line with government recommendations they will be predominantly savoury so that they are able to develop sufficient skills to feed themselves and others a varied and healthy diet.

Students will work in a range of domestic, local and industrial contexts to design foods that are fit for their intended purpose. They will be encouraged to research and explore ideas, identify and solve their own design problems, produce design specifications so that they can generate creative and innovative ideas. Developing high quality presentation skills will be a key to success in this area.

When making their designs ALL INGREDIENTS WILL BE PROVIDED BY SCHOOL and students will be expected to use the specialist tools and techniques to which they have been introduced. As students progress they will be expected to take into account the working characteristics of all ingredients and the properties they can have in food production.

Finally students will be encouraged to evaluate their products against their original intention using sensory testing techniques and trialing their products with their intended user.

Throughout Key Stage 3 students will be expected to stay up to date on current developments in Food Technology and consider the impact that food has on individuals, society and the environment.

The new GCSE course is called Food Preparation and Nutrition and will be delivered over 3 years. Students initially work with a range of ingredients to develop their understanding of their working properties and there is a wealth of opportunity for cooking throughout the first year of this course. The first is also where the majority of the knowledge and understanding required for the final examination is delivered.

The second years is mainly taken up with ensuring practical skills are embedded in preparation to begin the Controlled Assessment.

The third and final year is used to complete Controlled Assessment with tasks being set by the examination board to be conducted at specific time in the final year of the course. The Controlled Assessment is in the form of a Practical Investigation and a Food Preparation Task both of which are combined to provides 50% of the final grade. The remaining 50% comes from the external exam at the end of the course.