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Leadership Team

Ms M A King Headteacher
Mr I Moore Deputy Headteacher
Ms T Hill Deputy Headteacher
Mr C Heywood Assistant Headteacher
Mr S Cole Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Foden  Assistant Headteacher

Additional Needs Coordinator Mrs S Ferguson
Year Head Year 7
Year Head Year 8
Year Head Year 9
Year Head Year 10
Year Head Year 11
Mr M Williams
Ms A Howe
Mr A Lynch
Mrs D Glazzard
Mr R Wood
Ms T Jackson
Mrs D Fox
Miss J Altmann
Miss P Britten
Mr E Myatt

Ms K Bailey
Mrs A Salama
Mrs B Masunga
Mr J Price
Mr M Williams

Mrs L Cable
Mr W Jones
Miss J Smith
Ms E Lane
Mr J Porter
Mr A Smith


Ms K Shearman
Mr J Clayton
Mr A Wilkes
Mr R Wood
Mr J McCormick

Information Technology & Business Studies

Mr B Palmer
Ms J Tame
Mr M Chapman

Art & Design Mrs S Griffiths
Mr J Allen
Ms L Algar
Food Technology Mrs D Glazzard
Modern Foreign Languages Ms N Fones
Mrs V Cope
Music Mr P Checkley
(we also have specialist instrument teachers part time)
Expressive and Performing Arts Ms A Howe
Physical Education Mr A Lynch
Ms H Connolly
Mrs S Ferguson
Intervention Teachers Mrs A Brooks
Mrs M Downing
Communications Leader Mr S Ferguson
Student Progress Team Mr. M. Williams Behaviour for Learning Coordinator
Mr P Townsend Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ms S Boex Student Progress Manager
Ms M Walsh Student Progress Manager